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Dr Christabelle Yeoh will be speaking the 2019 Mindd Forum

Mitochondria, powerhouses of cells. These organelles in the cell turn food and oxygen into energy, called ATP. With stress, these cellular factories can slow, becoming less effective. Mitochondria do much more than make ATP. When mitochondria stop functioning, cells and consequently different organ systems, can also become effected.

Our brain and nervous system become harmed by alternations, of mitochondrial shape and function. Lifestyle choices, food and environment effect the quality of mitochondria. Also highly influenceable by maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA.

Important factors in “Complex” diseases, as autism and chronic fatigue syndrome are overlooked due to the subtle bioenergetic changes in mitochondria, which can lead to major health consequences.

Dr Christabelle Yeoh discusses how boosting ATP is the beginning when treating complex conditions. ‘Bioenergetics and Genetics: Ancient Mitochondrial DNA and their Connection to the Brain and Chronic Fatigue’ explores how both mitochondrial shape and function can have important effects on complex conditions.

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