Meet John Smartt

Osteopath - B.App.Sc. (Osteo), M Ost


Complex conditions

"I chose to work with Next Practice GenBiome because I believe that the best way to help patients who have really complex, challenging medial issues is in a team, with people who are passionate about doing their best for patients, have open minds, and work hard to keep up with where medical science is going."

John has been an osteopath since 2002. He has an undergraduate degree - B.App.Sc (Osteo), and a master's degree (M Ost) in osteopathy, through the University of Western Sydney.

Before studying osteopathy, John was as a senior manager in the field of organisation development. Carrying out this work taught him that things are not always as they first appear and that you sometimes have to delve carefully to uncover what is really stopping things from working as they should.

John’s approach is to start with the assumption that bodies are good at healing themselves, and if that isn’t happening, understand the underlying causes to help patients to resolve these. He thinks a lot about connections; how the different parts and systems of the body connect to one another, in terms of fluid flows, communications, and mechanics. When he finds that connections aren’t working well because of physical constrictions, he uses a wide range of hands-on techniques to help people to move and function better.

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