Meet "Dogtor Paddy”!

Our certified therapy dog


“I love when patients come in because they’re always so excited to meet me! I always like to prescribe long walks, snuggling, and plenty of treats to our patients. Plus, if you’re in the living room, you can pass the time by giving a tummy tickle!”

After starting his training at an early age, Dogtor Paddy became a certified therapy dog in 2019 and has been making our patients smile ever since! He is an avid lover of the outdoors and loves a good swim at the beach. As our resident therapy dog, Dogtor Paddy turns a routine trip to the doctor into a relaxing and pleasant experience.

Dogtor Paddy’s rates start at 3 belly rubs per standard checkup, and an extra two ear scratches for longer appointments.

We do feel the need to advise our patients: do not feed Dogtor Paddy no matter what he proclaims. He’s just trying to get two dinners.

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