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Connect IVF by Next Practice is Sydney’s most affordable IVF clinic, where treatments are based on the patient’s fertility needs, not financial position. Our key purpose is to provide quality IVF to help patients one day start their own family.

Connect IVF by Next Practice’s team of doctors, specialists, embryologists, nurses and patient advocates have been brought together to guide and assist patients through every step of their journey. Our world class technology and experience optimises the patient’s chances for a baby.

Whether you’re taking the first steps in their IVF journey or looking to continue it with us, come and talk to us at Connect IVF by Next Practice to get started.

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Consult Duration Price
Fertility GP visit Bulk Billed ($0 out-of-pocket)
Fertility specialists consultations Bulk Billed ($0 out-of-pocket)
Preliminary blood tests Bulk Billed ($0 out-of-pocket)
Preliminary scans Bulk Billed ($0 out-of-pocket)
Preliminary semen analysis Bulk Billed ($0 out-of-pocket)
Ovarian reserve test (AMH test) $0 (fee covered by us)
Specialist devised treatment plan and management Bulk Billed ($0 out-of-pocket)
Medications for IVF cycle (usually about 4-5 scripts per cycle) Up to $41 per script or $6.60 per script with a concession card
In cycle bloods and scans $0 (fee covered by us)
Day surgery fee $690 (usually covered if you have private health insurance)
Anaesthetist fee $200 (usually covered if you have private health insurance)
Egg collection procedure Bulk Billed ($0 out-of-pocket)
In cycle sperm processing Bulk Billed ($0 out-of-pocket)
IVF or ICSI cycle type Bulk Billed ($0 out-of-pocket)
Embryo transfer Bulk Billed ($0 out-of-pocket)
Surgical sperm retrieval procedure (see above day surgery and anaesthetist fee also) Bulk Billed ($0 out-of-pocket)
Oocyte / Sperm / Embryo freezing $0 (fee covered by us)
Annual storage of oocyte / sperm / embryo $0 first twelve months, $600 per year after
Other Services
IVF cycle without Medicare $10,000
IUI cycle (medications purchased privately) $600
Ovulation tracking $200
Ovulation induction (medication purchased privately) $600
Oocyte freezing cycle (non-medical reasons) (medication purchased privately) (see above day surgery and anaesthetist fee also) $4000
Oocyte freezing cycle (medical reasons) (see above day surgery and anaesthetist fee also) Bulk Billed ($0 out-of-pocket)
Cryo cycle (medication purchased privately) Bulk Billed ($0 out-of-pocket)
Sperm freeze for fertility preservation prior to medical treatment (see above annual storage fee) Bulk Billed ($0 out-of-pocket)

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