GP Consultations

Duration (mins) Full price After rebate
20 $69.75 $30*
30 $116.95 $40*
40 $163.30 $50*
15 $69.75 $30*
20 $116.95 $40*
40 $163.30 $50*
$191.80 $50*
$202.50 $50*

*These fees are out of pocket expenses for patients without a concession card of any kind.

Appointments for patients with a Government Concession Card will be bulk billed through Medicare.

In addition, referrals from Gov Agencies such as DCJs (where the children are in out of home care) will be issued with an invoice.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please notify the clinic at least one business day prior to the appointment. A non-attendance fee of $25 will be charged to any patient if you do not attend or notify us in the required time frame.