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Women's Health - Niranjala

How can Dr. Niranjala help you?

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Affecting both men and women, breast cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer in Australia. read more

Remedial and Oncology Massage Available

Now offering Oncology and Remedial Massage Therapy for all! read more

Group Yoga Therapy

Group Yoga Therapy Classes read more

Private Yoga Therapy

Have you thought about trying out Yoga Therapy? read more

Aging and Movement - Use it or Lose it!

The inevitable process of aging is one thing we like to avoid but is undeniable. read more

Tai Chi

Next Practice WSIH is now offering group Tai Chi classes. read more

Dry July

Next Practice WSIH is proud to offer integrative health consultations for our cancer patients, fully funded by Western Sydney University's... read more

Welcoming Dr. Niranjala Nandakumar

We welcome to the Next Practice WSIH team, Dr. Niranjala Nandakumar! read more

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Next Practice WSIH is now offering appointments for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for those who are interested in taking... read more

Next Aid Vaccination Donations

For every consultation at Next Practice clinics, a vaccination is donated to someone in need. Find out how many donations... read more