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Meet Dr Sheena Burnell

Integrative Health Specialist

About Dr Sheena Burnell

Dr Sheena Burnell is a Brisbane-based medical specialist with many years experience in a wide variety of clinical settings.

Originally trained as a specialist anaesthetist, she spent many years working within the public and private healthcare systems and gained considerable first-hand experience of the impact chronic disease has on our health and longevity. She also has a special interest in Pain Medicine, and was involved in the management and treatment of patients with chronic pain conditions both in Australia and overseas.

In 2006, Dr Burnell gained further credentials in aesthetic medicine, specialising in natural results using a range of injectable products and laser therapies.

Following a move to Shanghai, China in 2008 she found her Australian medical credentials in demand and she was invited to provide services for several internationally recognised anti-ageing and regenerative medicine clinics.

Her experience working in China inspired her to become more deeply involved in researching the effect of environment and lifestyle on how our bodies age and was a natural fit with her aesthetic medicine practice, where she recognised that a youthful appearance had to start on the inside with a healthy and nourished body.

Lifestyle solutions

Dr Sheena offers bespoke lifestyle solutions that are tailored to optimise not just your health but your health span - your active and productive years ahead.

Providing strategies to help you manage or greatly improve lifestyle-related diseases, especially those due to “inflammaging” - the chronic low-grade inflammation that develops with the ageing process and is thought to accelerate biological ageing.

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