12 Week Weight Loss Management Program

Package 1 Cost: $1,350 (Total package value $1,750) Only $112.50/week

Package 2 Cost: $1,500 (Total package value $1,900) Only $125/week

Our weight loss management program is a medically supervised custom tailored program over 12 weeks, designed to help you lose weight. Our team of doctors, dietitian, psychologist and exercise physiologist specialise in evidence based weight management and will design a weight loss program tailored for you.

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During your tailored program you can access the Next Practice App to:

Track your progress and health metrics

Receive one on one support from our team direct to your phone

View medications and set reminders to take them

Book and manage your appointments

Read helpful articles and educational content from our team

Program Schedule

Week 1

Initial consultation with our doctors (60 minutes)

In your first consultation, you will meet with one of our highly-experienced weight loss doctors, who will perform a thorough assessment of your current health, existing medical conditions, family history, medications and lifestyle factors.

Our doctors may request further investigations, such as a blood test, to help identify any potential underlying causes of your weight gain. They will work with you to administer the safest and most appropriate treatment plan that will maximise your weight loss success.

After your first consultation, our Patient Advocates will spend time introducing you to our health care team and booking your next appointments.

Week 2

Follow up appointment with our doctors (45 minutes)

Your second consultation with our doctors will be dedicated to reviewing any tests results, tailoring and administering the most appropriate treatment plan to help you lose weight and achieve your goals.

This will include recommendations to see our in house dietitian, exercise physiologist and/or psychologist to create a tailored dietary, exercise and mental health plan, as well as consideration of appetite suppressant medications (where appropriate).

Our doctors will walk you through the process, explain the medical evidence behind your treatment plan and answer any questions you may have, so that you walk away with a comprehensive plan of action and feel confident to get started.

Week 2 also includes:

  • 30 minute, face to face consult with our in house dietitian, Annabel
  • An InBody scan to determine your body composition
  • A tailored meal plan
  • Metabolic rate test prep and information

Week 3

Exercise Physiology Session (30 minutes)

  • A 30 minute exercise physiology session in our private fitness studio.
  • A tailored at home workout program.

Week 4

Dietitian and Psychologist Sessions (30 minutes each)

  • A 30 minute face to face consult and metabolic rate test with our dietitian.
  • A 30 minute consult with our psychologist (in person or telehealth)*

*This appointment can be swapped for an extra session with our exercise physiologist, or review appointment with our doctors

Week 5

Follow up appointments (30 minutes each)

  • Review appointment with our doctors (30 minutes)
  • Exercise Physiology session (30 minutes) + tailored at home workout program.

Week 6

Follow up with Dietitian (15 minutes)

15 minute review appointment with our dietitian and InBody scan.

Week 7-11

Your Choice: One Allied Health session weekly (30 minutes each week)

  • Consisting of either:
    • Dietitian
    • Psychology
    • Exercise Physiology
  • Week 8 will also include a review appointment with our doctors (30 minutes).

Week 12

Final Consultations (30 minutes each)

  • Final Consultation with our doctors (30 minutes)
  • Final 30 minute face to face consult with dietitian + Inbody scan.


Patients will have exclusive access to our private fitness studio, to work out at anytime during open hours.

Other benefits include:

  • Our 3 allied health services can be combined with a GP health care plan
  • Health fund rebates may be available (check with your health fund).
  • On going support with our medical and allied health team
  • Exclusive use of private fitness studio during clinic opening hours at no extra cost
  • Specialised body composition and metabolic rate screening
  • No additional charge for nursing support
  • Access to the Next Practice App
  • Ongoing support with tracking and reports

Contact us today to start your weight loss journey with a support team.

Click here to book online.

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