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Common conditions we work with

Together as a team, our doctors at Next Practice Victoria Park can provide a multitude of services and treat a number of health concerns as well as provide preventative health advice.

Some of the common conditions we treat at Next Practice Victoria Park are:

• Allergy

• Cardiovascular conditions/hypertension

• Child and Adolescent health

• Chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Asthma, Osteoporosis

• Dressing and wound management (nurse led clinic)

• Driving Medical Assessments

• Ear syringing


• Employment Medicals

• Family Planning

• Health assessments including 45-49 Year Old Health Assessments and 75+ health assessments

• Heart health checks for over 45s

• Home Visits- at the doctor’s discretion

• Immunisations

• Implanon insertions and Removal

• Joint injections

• Men’s health

• Mental health and well-being

• Minor surgical procedures such as skin lesion biopsy or removal, lumps and bumps removal, ingrown toenail resection

• Mirena insertions and Removal

• Motor Vehicle

• Pregnancy test

• Prescriptions

• Preventative health

• Referrals

• Sexual health

• Shared Antenatal and Postnatal care

• Skin checks and Cryotherapy

• Spirometry

• Travel vaccines and health advice

• Weight loss management

• Women’s health

• Workers compensation

If you have any questions on how we work with any of the above, your Patient Advocate will be available to support you through the process.