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The Good GP Podcast Series

Did you know "The Good GP" is the highest rating GP podcast in Australia?

Next Practice Victoria Park's Dr Sean Stevens recorded another 3 episodes of his podcast series “The Good GP”, with Dr Tim Koh and Dr Krystyna De Lange whilst at the recent Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)’s annual conference - GP19.

The Good GP, started in September 2016 and is an educational podcast for busy GPs and is in collaboration with RACGP WA. Guests are GPs or other specialists and a range of mainly medical topics is covered, for example: acute pain, allergies, immunisations, the future of general practice, euthanasia and the registrar -supervisor relationship.

The Good GP is the highest rating GP podcast in Australia, with approximately 4-4.5 thousand downloads per episode!

You can listen to the podcast here.