Has Covid-19 changed health as we know it?

The answer is absolutely yes.

Then, what does the future hold?

Well that’s really up to you.

Let’s face the facts. The landscape has changed more in the last couple of weeks than the last 20 years.

Covid-19 has highlighted the need for long term, permanent evolution.

Now is the time for you to stand up and speak up. To have your say and drive the next phase, not only in the way we deliver healthcare but how you are supported on the frontline.

Collectively, we can influence policy makers and commercial groups and reinvent our health system to be better equipped for whatever the future holds.

Simon Kos Introduction

Next Practice CEO, Simon Kos, introduces Next Phase, a series of talks with distinguished doctors that explores the intersection of health and technology, along with their effects on the future of healthcare.

Next Phase Episode 1: Simon Kos + Dr. Michael Bonning

Michael is a GP and medical director of a GP respiratory clinic in Sydney. He has worked to make this service digitally-led and responsive to the needs of local GPs. He has had a number of career incarnations and was for two years Head of Medical Affairs and Medical Director for a medical device company in New York. Prior to that he was a serving medical officer in the Royal Australian Navy deploying extensively overseas to the Middle East, Asia, India and the South Pacific. He is a director of GP Synergy and Chair of the AMA (NSW) and previously spent six years on the board of Beyond Blue after being president of the Australian Medical Students Association and AMA Council of Doctors-in-Training.

Next Phase Episode 2: Simon Kos + Dr. Jagdeesh Dhaliwal

Dr. Jagdeesh Dhaliwal is a practicing GP in Melbourne with a focus on aged care. He is medical advisor, director and facilitator with wide international experience in the public health services, corporate and education sectors and proven expertise in influencing and directing corporate and clinical management, governance, education and strategy.

Next Phase Episode 3: Simon Kos + Dr. Gareth Baynam

Dr. Gareth Baynam is the current Chair, Diagnostics Scientific Committee, International Rare Diseases Research Consortium (IRDiRC), Adjunct Policy Advisor on Clinical Genomics, Western Australian Department of Health. He is a clinical geneticist, genomic policy advisor, patient advocate, clinician scientist and intrapreneur.

Next Phase Episode 4: Simon Kos + Dr. Ian Katz

Dr. Ian Katz is a Consultant Dermatopathologist, specialising in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer. He is an entrepreneur and angel investor, focussing on early stage startups in the skin cancer field.

What needs to happen next?

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