Interested in opening your own Next Practice medical centre?

Opening your own clinic is a big decision, and a big disruption for practicing doctors. With Next Practice, you get a proven partner to help with all the stages of opening a new clinic. Financial modelling so you know exactly how much it will cost. Finding you a site and negotiating your lease so you get the best terms. Then working with our Design and Build team to create your vision. From Day 1 our team of experts have your back on everything you need to establish a successful clinic.

Our Network is a group of doctors and practitioners that want to leave a lasting impression on the healthcare industry. Are you ready to join?

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A New Kind of Reimagined Space and Experience​

Each of our medical centres are designed to provoke a calming emotional response in your patients and team members. We’ve thought about every element to create a unique experience.

The “Waiting Room” is transformed into the Living Room, a space of active living. Consultation rooms have an interactive dashboard screen to engage patients in their care and progress. Patient Advocates rather than receptionists use our streamlined technology to reduce administrative tasks and free up time to support patients and providers.

Establish a medical centre that represents your personal vision for healthcare.

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A New Kind of Powerful Technology​

We’ve built a system that supports the optimal​ running of your clinic day-to-day, removes the​ administrative burden from your team, and enables​ patients to be more engaged in their health.

Our powerful technology supports you every step of the way. The Next Practice Managers App guides you and your team with scheduled task and actions, such as preparing for Accreditation, submitting PIPs and WIPs, and daily bank reconciliations. Our online booking tool integrates across the website, Patient App and cloud-based EHR minimising data entry. ​

Build a medical centre on the foundation of modern technology.

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A New Kind of Clinic Opening Journey​

We do much of the heavy lifting during the clinic opening process, so you can continue working.​

Our team of experts support you with Site Search and Leasing, Design and Build Project Management, building construction and fit-out, IT set up, Recruitment, Training, and Marketing.​

Find, build and open your new Next Practice clinic with the support of a team experienced in every aspect of opening a new clinic.

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A New Kind of Support and Growth​

Our Support Office takes many key practice management functions off your team so​ you can focus on your patients and growing​ your clinic.

You are supported by an experienced team across National Clinics Management, including Accreditation Support, Marketing, Human Resources, Financial Management, IT and Software Support.​

Grow your medical centre with the support of a proven team of healthcare experts.

We’re not a franchise, we’re a Network.​ You own your medical centre and we support you in the background.

Our Leasing, Design and Build team negotiate best in market terms for your property lease, building construction and fit-out

Our practice management software coupled with Cloud-based EHR streamlines administrative tasks.

Your medical centre integrates thoughtful clinic design with modern healthcare technology

We provide specialist support services across Marketing, HR, Payroll and Book-keeping, IT and Operations

Establish a medical centre that represents your personal vision, with the benefit of the Next Practice brand

Network collaboration among a group of like-minded doctors at quarterly leadership meet ups and annual networking events

Interested in opening your own medical centre?

Want to open and practice in your own Next Practice medical centre? Please complete the below form and our team will be in touch.


FAQs on the Next Practice Network​

Q: Where do I start if I am interested in opening a Next Practice medical centre?

A: The best place to start is to complete an enquiry form and our team will be in touch to set up a call with you.

Q: What is the process to open a medical centre with Next Practice?

A: Opening your own practice is a big decision. So, the first stage of working with us is to make sure opening a Next Practice is right for you. The key steps involved include:

  1. An initial call to understand more about you and your interest in opening a Next Practice clinic.
  2. Signing a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. This is so we can share commercially sensitive information with each other.
  3. Providing you with more detailed information about the services Next Practice provides to our Network Partners, and indicative costs to open a Next Practice clinic.
  4. A visit to a Next Practice clinic in your state to see a Next Practice clinic and meet one of our Network Partners.
  5. Arranging a demonstration of the Next Practice technology platform to see how it revolutionises clinic operations and patient engagement.
  6. Financial modelling to estimate the costs involved in setting up your Next Practice clinic and working capital requirements. This is so you have the right level of financing in place before proceeding.
  7. Completing a simple business plan that includes demographic and competitive analysis of the suburb in which your clinic will be located, and developing the practitioner and service mix that will best suit your location.
  8. Signing a Next Practice Licence Agreement, once you are comfortable with everything.
  9. Commencement of the project, starting with finding a site for your new Next Practice clinic!

Q: How long does it take to open a medical centre?

A: There are many variables, with the type of property being the biggest factor. We have opened a clinic within 6 weeks of a Licence Agreement being signed and others up to 6 months. Different types of properties impact the timeframes, for example:

  • If council approvals are required, we are at the mercy of the local council
  • If a building is heritage listed, there will be various approvals needed that take time to prepare and resolve with the relevant bodies
  • New developments, depending at what stage the lease is signed and the complexity of the project, are often delayed

As part of our property search process, we will discuss with you these considerations to make sure they are factored into the property search.

Q: Where can I open a Next Practice medical centre?

A: Ideally your Next Practice clinic will be located in an area that is familiar to you and where you have an established patient base. However, we do not want Next Practice clinics competing with each other for patients or practitioners. So as part of the process we will discuss these considerations in order to determine the best location for your Next Practice clinic.

Q: How does Next Practice help me when I first open my clinic?

A: We have an established New Clinic Opening plan that includes: recruitment, training, local area marketing, daily, then weekly calls/meetings to monitor progress and address any issues that arise. Our goal is to get your team bedded in as quickly as possible so we can focus on the growth of your clinic.

Q: How does Next Practice help me with Accreditation?

A: The Next Practice Manager App has streamlined Accreditation by providing:

  1. A prepopulated AGPAL Self-Assessment Checklist with links to established policies
  2. Access to an online policies manual
  3. Templates and instructions for all remaining accreditation items such as the creation of registers, information sheets etc.
  4. Example surveyor interview questions to help Patient Advocates, Nurses, Practice Owners and GPs prepare for their onsite surveyor interviews.

Our National Clinics Manager is available to coach the clinic team to complete the required steps in preparation for their onsite Surveyor assessment.

Q: How does Next Practice help me with recruitment of doctors and my support team?

A: We will assist by setting up templates and processes to make recruiting more streamlined. For example, setting up SEEK accounts with common advert templates, providing introductions to specialist recruiters, reaching out to the Next Practice network and creating LinkedIn search pools for common roles in cities where Next Practice clinics are located.

We know from experience a critical factor in the successful recruitment of doctors is the clinic owner. So, your role in establishing and maintaining your own network of potential doctors for your practice cannot be underestimated.

Next Aid

Consultations at Next Practice clinics contribute to vaccinating those in need in a developing country, through UNICEF.