Are you a GP thinking of opening a Next Practice medical clinic?

We are A New Kind of healthcare

Doctor-led, patient-centred, technology-enabled

We are grateful you’re here and considering Next Practice. You have a vision for your medical centre and we have a team of experts and a network of clinic owners here to support you. So what's next? Where do you start this journey of business ownership?

Do you open a new clinic on your own....

Do you join a corporate group...

Or do you find A New Kind of solution, Next Practice. ​

See the below comparison we’ve put together to help you decide if Next Practice is right for you.

How we are different

Join a network of clinic owners making real change

Establish a medical centre that represents your personal vision

Integrate thoughtful clinic design with modern technology

Stop paying 35%* of your billings to someone else

Our support office provides expertise and resources for non-clinical business management

Want to start a medical practice?

Interested in opening your own medical clinic, but don't want to do it alone?

We can introduce you to other practitioners across Australia looking to share clinic ownership.

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Why Next Practice?

Next Practice was born from the simple belief that primary care needs to be transformed. From the moment you step through our doors, you are greeted by a new concept of how a medical clinic should look and feel. We are transforming the healthcare experience by bringing together passionate practitioners, powerful technology, and contemporary clinic environments. Together we are A New Kind.

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Our Services and Support

We provide expertise and resources from setting up your new clinic to establishing and growing your clinic. Our services include new clinic opening support, end-to-end technology, IT support, Accreditation training, recruitment and HR support, payroll and bookkeeping, marketing expertise and ongoing support after you open. We're bringing an end-to-end solution to doctors who want to open their own clinic.

Next practice medical centre fitout

New Clinic Opening Process

We do the heavy lifting so you can continue practicing and seeing your patients. Our team handles site search and leasing negotiations, design and build project management, IT set up, recruitment and new team member training, financial set up and local area marketing strategy.

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Network Collaboration

Get peer support from clinic owners in our network who are on the same journey as you. We host quarterly Peer 4 Peer leadership meet ups for Next Practice clinic owners and annual networking events.

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Meet a few Next Practice clinic owners

Dr Paresh Dawda, Next Practice Deakin

“I was fortunate to be involved with the team developing the vision and concept for Next Practice from the very beginning. The purpose and values resonated so much with my own passion for healthcare that makes a meaningful and positive difference to our patients.”

Dr Tal Bull, Next Practice Albion and Next Practice West End

"After deciding Next Practice was right for me, I opened my first medical centre in Albion, QLD. This clinic continues to grow and I opened my second Next Practice in May 2022. Next Practice has provided me all the background support I needed to open my own clinics, with the flexibility to create medical centres that represent my personal vision for healthcare."

Dr Nicole Avard, Next Practice Erina

"Next Practice has re-invigorated my hope for healthcare, in a system under strain. The combination of a bold vision, a team with a strong sense of purpose and a desire to change, grow and give back is something I want to be a part of and share with others."

Latest Next News

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Next Practice announced #2 in Health Innovation by AFR

We are grateful to have been recognised for our innovation in healthcare by The Australian Financial Review. Read more about our innovation or read the full AFR article here.

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Next Practice Erina announced runner up for 2022 Primary Care Quality and Innovation Awards

Learn more about the awards and how Erina's care team is being recognised for their leadership in the use of technology to support their patients and community.

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ACT Health Minister, Rachel Stephen-Smith, visits Next Practice Deakin

The Deakin care team demonstrated their advanced tele-examination equipment TytoCare and how they are shaping the future of healthcare. Read more or visit their website at

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Doctors opening their own medical clinic - where to start?

Take a look at the overall process to open and own your own medical clinic. Starting with researching local suburb demographics and competitors, then site search and leasing... Read more on our blog.

*Please note, 35% of billings is estimated.