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Why we do what we do

No more band aid solutions.

Next Practice is born out of the simple belief that primary care should be drastically improved.

With people visiting medical practices more than ever, along with an increase in chronic disease and an ageing population – the healthcare system is at boiling point.

In an effort to improve efficiency and productivity, the current healthcare system has distorted the practice of medicine. Faced with a highly regulated workplace, doctors are increasingly finding their decisions scrutinized, questioned and limited by outside forces.

But no doctor should feel like a cog in the machine, and no patient should feel like they are getting a cookie-cutter approach to care.

At Next Practice, we want to put an end to this type of ‘assembly-line’ healthcare.

With the introduction of new life-saving techniques, genetics, integrated health and digital technology, we see a future that is unbelievably bright. By working together, we believe we can overcome these hurdles and rebuild a healthcare system that will leave a positive impression in our future.

Our mission

We have big ambitions - our aim is to provide nothing short of the best medical practice in Australia and the world.

Meet the team

Want to leave a lasting impression on the healthcare industry?

Next Practice wants to help doctors and practice owners set up state-of-art, patient centric medical practices. Our support systems, technology and experience makes it possible to bring your dream alive.

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Where it all began

Find out more from our founder Dr Sam Prince as to what inspired him to go about creating the most advanced medical practice on the planet.