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RACGP Practice Owners National Conference 2020

Next Practice will be speaking at next year's conference!

We are pleased to announce both Dr Sam Prince and Dr Simon Kos will be speakers at the 2020 RACGP Practice Owners National Conference.

Sam will deliver the keynote on Saturday 16th May, discussing the evolution of a consumer driven primary care clinic.

He will take attendees on a reflective journey to gain insight into the creation of the country’s most exciting new addition to primary care. He will explain the unique system built on the synergy between technology advancements and ‘people-centred’ approaches, to offer a new kind of care for the future.

Dr Prince will describe how he has applied his key learnings from prosperous retail, hospitality and philanthropic ventures to general practice, creating a unique environment to empower patients like never before.

Sam will also share his thoughts on the changing face of healthcare, exploring how digital innovation is disrupting its delivery, with tips on how to be prepared and deliver to the modern-day lifestyle.

On Sunday 17th May, Simon will share his thoughts on how to manage a digital transformation of your General Practice clinic.

The session will include a Q & A with other delegates and will touch on:

  • Engaging with patients
  • Patient apps
  • Point of care diagnostics
  • Trending softwares
  • Cyber security