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New Respiratory Clinic Next Door!

If you have any cold and flu symptoms and need a checkup without spreading anything, pop next door!

Respiratory Clinics are a fantastic resource during times like these, they allow patients who are experiencing cold and flu symptoms to get the help they need without coming into contact with other people. They also take some of the stress off our hospital systems as it allows patients with fewer symptoms or those who don’t need a bed to be seen and cared for separately.

The clinic will be accepting self-referrals from patients who have symptoms as well as professional referrals from your doctor, just make sure to book online before turning up!

The clinic has many procedures in place so that the medical staff, as well as patients, remain safe while in the clinic. This includes regular wiping down of all surfaces, divided waiting rooms and full Personal Protection Equipment for staff. Patients are also issued with a mask upon entry to keep themselves and others safe while in the clinic.

At this clinic they are also offering on-site COVID-19 testing for those that come in, meaning that patients who meet the criteria for testing don’t have to drive all the way to another testing facility. This makes it significantly easier for you to get the care you need, as well as reducing the pressure and (hopefully) the waiting times at other clinics!

In addition, we’d like to reassure all patients of Next Practice that you won’t be more at risk because of this clinic opening; the two will operate separately.
We are excited for this new facility to help even more people and support the local community.

Make sure to share the news with friends and family so that everyone can get the help they need!