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Dr. Kirsten Meisinger visit to Next Practice

Dr. Kirsten Meisinger visit to Next Practice is an international expert in person-centred care and high-performing primary care. We are delighted to have hosted

We talked through some of the unique aspects of our model of care including the aesthetics of the waiting area, aka 'living room', designed to create a wellness feeling. The purposeful technology designed to support agency for our patients so they may be equal partners in their healthcare. The team-based approach to care with a growing team which includes GPs, Geriatrician, nurses, nurse practitioners, patient advocates, practice pharmacist, dietitian, psychologists, and soon to appoint a social worker. We exchanged ideas of optimal care provision from general practice in the US, UK and US and some great ideas to help us live to the value of ensuring what we do today is better than what we did yesterday; and that what we do tomorrow is better than what we do today.