Services offered by each healthcare professional vary but will include

General Practice

All of our doctors participate in all aspects of general medicine, and believe in a person-centred approach for all patients and families. We strive for a high quality of care in all areas, and work alongside patients to assist them in reaching all their health goals and needs.

Women's Health

We have a number of doctors who take a special interest in women’s health, particularly our female doctors. This includes sexual and reproductive health, fertility, contraception, prenatal and postnatal care, and cervical screening. We also have doctors who are trained in IUD/Mirena insertion and removal, and Implanon insertion and removal. Book an appointment with Dr Wong or Dr Wajdi

Men's Health

We believe in the importance of men’s health, and we have a range of doctors who specialise in the treatment of men’s health issues such as mental health, reproductive and sexual health, prostate screening and all other areas of general medicine. Book an appointment with Dr Poh or Dr Hameed.

Children’s Care

Your child's health is the foundation of all growth and development. We offer care to all our young patients, ranging from new-borns to adolescents. This includes children’s vaccines, general check-ups, cognitive (learning and thinking) development, social and emotional growth, and mental health. We also bulk bill patients under the age of 16. Book an appointment with Dr Hameed or Dr Wong.

Small Procedures

We have a modern treatment room to assist with procedures such as minor accident/emergency care, excisions, biopsies, ingrown toenail removal, implanon insertion/removal, dressings and wound care.

Mental Health

We recognise the importance in mental health care, especially in today’s society. All our doctors are trained in managing all mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders and more. These appointments are for patients of all ages, and are offered by both male and female doctors. We offer bulk billing for Mental Health Care Plans for existing patients.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

We are currently administering COVID-19 vaccinations for all people who are eligible to receive it under the ACT Government guidelines. Please visit our website to see available times and give us a call for any questions.


We offer immunisations for patients of all ages. We have stock of government schedule vaccines and private vaccines. We also administer flu vaccines and travel vaccinations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us to speak to a patient advocate or nurse.

Skin Checks

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in our warm country, and we want to help our patients stay safe in the sun! We offer skin checks to new and existing patients. Book your appointment with Dr Poh, Dr Wong or Dr Hameed.

Health Assessments

We believe strongly in preventative health, and in regular check-ups to best foresee any problems. We offer bulk billed health assessments for existing patients in the eligible age groups.

Pathology On Site

We have Australian Clinic Labs on site Monday to Friday from 8am to 12pm. On-site pathology is bulk billed and no bookings are required.

Chronic Disease Management

All of our GPs are trained in the management of chronic (long term) health conditions. These conditions include (but are not limited to) high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, emphysema, arthritis, osteoporosis, long term back pain and many others. We offer bulk billed Chronic Disease Management Plans for existing and eligible patients.


Existing patients have the option to have an appointment through telehealth. We offer phone or video consultations. Fees for telehealth are the same as the regular in person appointment fees.

Work Cover, Insurance and Legal Reports

We can complete current or new workers compensation claims. We also offer insurance and legal reports as per request.

Outreach Care

We offer services to many of Canberra's aged care facilities and in-home services to eligible patients. We adopt a team-based approach between our doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacist and social worker to deliver the best possible care outcomes.

Sports Medicine

Dr Hameed and Dr Ferguson both hold a particular interest in sports injuries and management. We operate within diverse teams where we can work with patients to develop management plans and improve patient care.

Palliative Care

Many of the patients we care for through our outreach and aged care services endure advanced, complex, life-limiting illnesses and are approaching the end of life. Delivering high quality end-of-life care includes addressing physical, psychological and spiritual issues supported by skillful communication and shared decision-making. Our team-based approach consisting of GPs, Nurse Practitioners and Specialists offers ongoing, coherent and compassionate palliative care to the patient and their loved ones.

Travel Medicine

Whatever your destination, we can assist in preparing you for your safe and healthy travel and ensuring your travel health is well managed by providing comprehensive travel consultations and can advise you what vaccinations are required for all destinations. Please ensure that you make an appointment well in advance of departure to account for specific timeframes that may apply in certain cases.

Dietician Services

We provide individualised dietary advice that centres around client goals and nutrition requirements. Our dietician Jaqueline Bampton enjoys approaching work from a holistic point of view and thrives on working in a nurturing, collaborative and supportive environment. Jacqui is friendly, welcoming, empathetic and attentive and some of her proudest moments involve seeing people achieving their goals.

Geriatrician Services

Our geriatrician services are offered both in our Deakin clinic and as outreach appointments for those living in Canberra’s Residential Aged Care Facilities. Our geriatrician, Dr Basil Lau, works very closely with our clinical team and other healthcare professionals to radiate a holistic approach to care. Working with patients, their families and their general practitioners is very much a part of the empowering care that Dr Lau provides to maximise quality of life.