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Understanding the Changes to Medical Fee Structure at Next Practice Deakin

You’ve probably heard some buzz about medical fees in the press. Well, it’s true and impacts all general practices. However, like many other things at Next Practice Deakin, we use a different lens that ties it all back to how we value your health and well-being.

Why Change? The Reality of General Practices in Australia

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room: Why change anything at all? Well, the landscape of general practice in Australia is constantly evolving. There’s an increasing demand for high-quality healthcare services, and at the same time, operational costs for providing top-notch care are on the rise. It’s a tricky balance, but we’re committed to successfully navigating it.

To continue offering the exceptional level of care you’re accustomed to while ensuring our practice remains sustainable, we’ve had to take a good, hard look at our fee structure. This isn’t just about us; it reflects a broader necessity within the healthcare sector to innovate and adapt.

What’s Changing?

Here’s the lowdown: Our new fee structure is designed to be more in tune with your needs and to support a stronger, more direct relationship between you and your healthcare team. The fees are now linked with MyMedicare and patient registration, making the billing process smoother and more transparent. MyMedicare is part of the government’s Strengthening Medicare recommendations and 10-year plan for primary care. These reforms aim to enhance the healthcare system for all Australians by making it more accessible, efficient, and sustainable. For more information on MyMedicare, please visit the Government Website or watch the video.

The most significant change is for our registered patients, who will be entitled to discounted gap payments and other benefits. This means there will only be a small inflationary increase for many people. However, you must do so if you are not registered with us. Registration is simple and explained later.

Aligning with Our Values

Now, you might be wondering how all of this fits with the values of Next Practice Deakin. Let’s break it down:

Excellence: We’re committed to providing healthcare that meets the highest standards. Adapting our fee structure ensures we can continue to offer top-quality care without compromising due to financial constraints.

Innovation: At the heart of our work is embracing change and finding smarter ways to provide care. Linking fees with MyMedicare and patient registration is one way to streamline our processes to better serve you.

Collaboration: Healthcare is a team sport. By adjusting our fee structure, we’re fostering a stronger relationship between you and our medical team, ensuring we’re all working together towards your health goals.

Equity: We believe everyone deserves access to excellent healthcare. The changes to our fees are a step towards reducing financial barriers and making high-quality care more accessible to more people.

Human-centred care: At the end of the day, it’s all about you. The new fee structure is designed with your needs at the forefront, ensuring you receive personalised care without undue financial stress.

What This Means for You?

First and foremost, what this means for you is that the medical fees you encounter when attended by a clinician from Next Practice Deakin will fundamentally depend on two key questions:

  1. Am I registered with Next Practice Deakin under MyMedicare?
  2. Do I have concession entitlement, and have I provided up-to-date details to Next Practice Deakin?

Once you know the answers to these two questions, the best way to understand your fees is to use our online tool or visit the schedule of fees page.

How do I register for MyMedicare with Next Practice Deakin?

Registration is easy. To register as a MyMedicare patient, you can:

Ask about MyMedicare next time you talk to us. For more information, visit

Summing up

So, what’s the bottom line for you, our patients? It’s part of how we’re sticking to our commitment to look after you, ensuring you can get the care you need without stressing about the cost.

We’re stoked about these changes and reckon they show just how dedicated we are to excellence, innovation, collaboration, equity, and proper care. We’re here to chat if you have any questions. After all, we’re all in this together, aiming for better health and happiness.