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Fees at Next Practice Erina

Understand your consultation fees right here.

GP Consultations Including Telehealth

Standard (less than 20 mins) $85

Dr Emma Hardwick $80

Long (20-40 mins) $130

Dr Emma Hardwick $115

Extended (New Patient or >40mins) $180

Dr Emma Hardwick $150

Naturopath Consultations

Jarrah Eddy

Initial Consultation (60 mins) $155

Follow-up Consultation (30 mins) $85

Extended Consultation (45 mins) $110

Short Phone (10-15mins) $40

Julie Anders ( Psychotherapist)

$140 for 1 hour consultation

Julie Hughes ( Registered Psychologist and Eco therapist)

$190 for 1 hour consultation

Team Based care consultation

Restore $349 paid every quarter ( Medicare rebate $76.95)

All script, referrals, care planning, acute care and follow up appointments with Dr Nicole Avard are bilk billed.

B12 Injections, Supplements and Iron Infusions not included in the Quarterly price

*Bilk billed Telehealth appointments can only occur with a returned signed Medicare consent form, sent to you via email. Otherwise a private fee will be charged.

Iron Infusion

$180 ( Medicare rebate $76.95)

After Hours Service

Available by calling 0491 630 928. Telehealth will be charge at $100 and Home Visit $300.