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Group Appointments at Next Practice Erina

Would you like to spend an hour with Dr Avard and her team discussing specific health topics with like minded individuals? Then group appointments are for you!

What are group appointments?

Group Appointments are: “a series of individual consults sequentially attending to each patient’s unique medical needs in a supportive group setting where all can listen, interact, and learn.”

Why should I try a Shared Medical Appointment?

• You get an hour of Dr Nicole Avard’s time along with support and advice from one of our quality team members.

• You are with others with similar health issues so you can support each other;

• You (or someone) gets to ask the question(s) you might not have otherwise thought of;

• It’s fun – for you and your health care providers!

Can I get my usual prescriptions/medical advice this way?

• Yes. A Group Appointment can be like an individual appointment – except there are other people there, so it’s more helpful and more satisfying – for you and your doctor.

What about confidentiality?

• Anything personal can be discussed in a private ‘break out’ room or at another time

• All attendees are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement such that anything that is said in the consultation is not spoken about outside;

Group appointments are open to members of the Discover and Restore membership and there is no out of pocket expense to the patient.

How do I register?

Numbers are limited to a maximum of 6. Please see one of our friendly patient advocates to book.