Rachael Brady

Workplace Consultant

"“I am thrilled to be working with Nicole, Jarrah and the Next Practice team. I am personally and professionally inspired by their vision to shake up the healthcare system to inject care and compassion where it is sorely needed. They understand that you can only deliver the best patient care if you have a team that is cohesive and thriving and they have a deep and continuing commitment to this.”"

Rachael Brady is a Workplace Consultant, working with leaders and teams to create connected workplace cultures and thriving, productive workplaces. She is helping us to achieve our vision of providing patient-centred health care that is compassionate, connected and co-ordinated.

We are united through common purpose and values, and are dedicated to the wellbeing and happiness of our patients and team. Through collaboration with Rachael we aim to deliver on this commitment.

If you would like Rachael to assist your team please click the link to find out more www.rachaelbrady.com.au