Team Based Care

About our Team Based Care

At Next Practice Erina, we offer a new and innovative Team Based model of care. This guarantees you have access to ongoing care with Dr Nicole Avard at prices you can afford.

What’s included in Team Based Care?

Team appointments

Team appointments with your Naturopath/Nutritionist and Dr Avard. One team appointment every 3 months, ensuring you have guaranteed access.

Nurse triaging

Nurse triaging with our Registered Nurses when you are unwell.

Support between appointments

Patient Advocate support and messaging with your care team between appointments. The team "huddles" on clinic mornings and also case conferences in the afternoon to brainstorm any concerns that come up between appointments.

Care plans and more

Care plans and referrals, skin checks, cervical screening, breast checks.

Repeats and referrals

Repeat prescriptions for medications, repeat referrals to specialists, renewed herbal formulations and supplements within 3 months of last appointment. Access to our Online Dispensary at

Our online community contains ever evolving health and wellbeing programs, talks, content and some exciting new features coming, including group challenges and coaching.

What’s not included in Team Based Care?

Laboratory tests

Many tests are covered partially or fully by Medicare. However, some may not be covered at all.

Additional services

Healthcare services in excess of those specified above. Eg. extra acute care appointments

Medication and supplements

Medications (prescription and over-the-counter) and supplements.