Juhyun (Chloe) Kim

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (TCM)

  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist | TCM Herbalist
  • Available: Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Languages: English, Korean
  • Special interests: Cancer Care, Women's Health, Chronic Disease, Skin Diseases and Pain Management
"Healing is not just about addressing symptoms; it's about understanding the individual as a whole, harmonising the body's energies, and nurturing its innate ability to heal."

Dr Juhyun (Chloe) Kim approaches acupuncture and TCM herbal medicine with a gentle hand and a caring heart. Recognising the deep connection between the mind, body, and spirit, Juhyun Kim provides treatments that are as compassionate as they are effective. With a focus on nurturing the whole individual, Juhyun Kim believes in the power of traditional wisdom blended with a touch of modern understanding to heal and comfort. From those seeking relief from chronic pain to those navigating the complexities of cancer, Juhyun Kim is there to offer a listening ear, a healing touch, and a pathway to better health.

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