Welcome to Western Sydney's Integrative Medical Clinic of the Future

Our mission

At Next Practice our mission, put simply, is to provide the best healthcare experience on the planet Earth!

About us

We are Australia's first University-based integrative medical centre, an initiative of Western Sydney University's NICM Health Research Institute and Chinese Medicine Centre (in the area of Traditional Chinese Medicine) and run by Next Practice.

Next Practice care of Western Sydney Integrative Health (WSIH), we operate our practice at the highest possible standards of excellence in a world-class facility – Western Sydney University‘s NICM Health Research Institute, located on the Westmead campus.

We are passionate about the value of combining mainstream “Western” medicine with evidence-based complementary treatments, to provide you the best of both worlds and support you to reach your health and wellbeing goals.

One in three Australians live with a chronic disease. Evidence based integrative therapies like yoga, mindfulness, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and acupuncture can help improve quality of life and health outcomes in chronic illness when integrated with conventional healthcare. Our Care Team works closely with your existing/regular health professionals to help you reach your health and wellbeing goals.

Cancer care services

Our Care team at Next Practice WSIH have expertise in supportive cancer care and provide a range of services to support you throughout your journey in order to complement your medical treatment. Our whole person approach is based on the latest scientific evidence.

Patients with cancer are eligible for subsidised treatments through the Dry July Foundation. This foundation provides funding to subsidise a total of 3 appointments of supportive cancer care per patient, all year round. This includes Acupuncture, Private Yoga Therapy and Oncology Massage Therapy. We also provide Group Yoga Classes at an unlimited amount. Learn more on our Cancer support services page.

A New Kind of reimagined space and experience

Imagine walking into a welcoming, modern Living Room instead of a waiting room where you feel like a number. Imagine being greeted by a Patient Advocate instead of a receptionist. Imagine short wait times, zen-like designs, relaxing music, refreshments, iPad check-ins and more. Imagine A New Kind of healthcare.

A New Kind of powerful technology

Your journey starts at the click of a button with convenient booking online or via our Next Practice Patient App. Put your healthcare back into your hands - book and manage appointments, review prescriptions, set reminders for medication, track your health progress, view educational articles from your doctor and more... Our mission is to continually innovate to make your healthcare journey simpler and more convenient.

We believe in wellbeing and prevention, not just helping you when you get sick.

We are Covid safe with Telehealth consultations available

Book online or via the Next Practice Patient App

We aim to keep wait times as short as possible

You can fill in your details at home before your appointment for faster check-in

Our Care Team shares relevant articles direct to your phone

Giving back with Next Aid

What is Next Aid?

At Next Practice, we want to create pathways for those who may be facing challenges, providing them with the support and resources they need to succeed. That's why we’ve partnered with UNICEF Australia to support their maternal and neonatal health program in PNG. We call it our Next Aid initiative.

Over the next three years Next Practice have committed to providing funds that improve maternal, newborn and child healthcare, with a focus on contributing to Tetanus-Diphtheria vaccinations, helping children in the region to thrive and fulfil their potential.

To learn more about Next Aid - click here.