Our research

Next Practice care of Western Sydney Integrative Health is a proudly evidence-based and evidence-generating centre.

We refer to evidence summaries that have been systematically prepared by our research team using rigorous scientific methods for the purposes of informing our practitioners and patients. We also refer to independent and reliable resources such as the Memorial Sloan Kettering database, and the Natural Medicines Database.

NICM Health Research Institute and Next Practice WSIH are supporting Integrative Health

One in three Australians live with chronic disease. Evidence-based integrative therapies like yoga, mindfulness, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and acupuncture can help improve quality of life and health outcomes in chronic illness when integrated with conventional healthcare.

The NICM HRI research program investigates the breadth of interrelated issues in integrative and complementary medicine from the broad social research perspective to detailed analysis of the chemical constituents and molecular effects of herbal medicines. We are the science behind integrative medicine. Our research includes preclinical, clinical trials, and translational and policy development. Practical outcomes are essential to our research mission, with impact across social, economic and environmental ecosystems. Our world-class research and innovations in integrative and complementary medicine consistently attains the highest rating of ERA 5. NICM HRI fosters strong research collaboration with industry, government and the community. Our research spans local, regional, national and international partnerships, having real impact and changing lives for the better.

Evidenced-based integrative medicine and therapies provide an opportunity to reduce healthcare costs through better disease prevention and more effective chronic disease management.

We aim to use funds raised to help fund research initiatives such as our patient registry at Next Practice WSIH which are focused on integrative medicine and therapies to help reduce the impact of cancer and chronic diseases, and better support people affected by such diseases or conditions. These research initiatives will provide vital information that is needed to help build the growing body of scientific evidence on effectiveness and safety of integrative healthcare. Our research findings will improve health outcomes for patients and for people living with chronic illness.