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Organic Fruit and Vege Boxes!

Vegetable and fruit produce box at Next Practice - GenBiome.

We believe that an integral part of good health and recovering from illness is a good diet with the best quality produce. Which is why we are keen to support not for profit organisation Warrah Biodynamic Farm as their distribution hub in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

Warrah Farm grow a wide range of certified bio-dynamic and organic seasonal produce, picked daily. They also provide a range of engaging, responsive services for children and adults with intellectual disability.

How it works
Seasonally changing produce boxes will be delivered fortnightly to Next Practice GenBiome in Edgecliff on Tuesdays. You will then be able to come and collect your produce anytime between 10am-5pm. Customers are provided with order lists for extras (such as eggs, honey, nuts and bread).

Produce options
Small fruit box - $20
Small vegetables box - $35
Small fruit and vegetable box - $35
Medium fruit and vegetable box - $50
Large fruit and vegetable box - $70

How can set started and get your first order?
1. Contact the Warrah Farm Shop Manager (Borja Valls) at or 0488 881 060 to obtain a Registration Form and order list. Indicate Next Practice GenBiome in Edgecliff as your Co-op Hub.

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