Looking to order a repeat script?

Requesting a repeat script

Existing patients can electronically request up to three scripts from their doctor by submitting the script request form from the button above. Your doctor will review these requests and send them via your chosen method (E-Script to SMS, E-Script to email, send to pharmacy or post to patient).

As per the Medical Board of Australia guidelines, a repeat script may not be able to be issued without a real-time direct consultation: "it is only appropriate for your usual medical practitioner or another health practitioner with access to your clinical record to prescribe without a consultation in certain circumstances."

Script fees

The script fee will be charged upon form submission. It may take a few days for an E-Script to be issued. Please note that once the E-Script has been issued as requested, it won't be refunded. If your doctor requires a follow up appointment before approval of your script, this fee will be refunded and a patient advocate will get in touch with you. Visit our fees page to review all pricing.