Welcome to the Eastern Suburbs Medical Centre of the Future

Our mission

At Next Practice our mission, put simply, is to provide the best healthcare experience on the planet Earth!

The Genbiome team

Genbiome is a patient-centric, team based medical practice in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney with experienced medical, complementary and allied healthcare practitioners. We collaborate between various health modalities to provide patients with a comprehensive whole person approach based on modern functional medicine principles.

Our patients have access to a well-regarded healthcare team assembled by Dr Christabelle Yeoh, who has a strong interest in chronic disease management, neurological, gastrointestinal and metabolic health.

Medical Practice

  • Dr Annabel Stuckey is an integrative GP with over 40 years medical experience with a strong interest in childhood and adolescent mental health and behavioural disorders.
  • Dr Jonathan Turtle is an integrative medical practitioner with special interests in chronic fatigue, chronic & complex conditions, menopause and hormone issues.
  • Dr Marie Paek works both as an Integrative GP and a somatic psychotherapist, with special interests in digestive, endocrine and women's health.
  • Dr Narelle Savage is our integrative GP with a special interest in children’s health, cancer support and emotional well-being.
  • Dr Richard Moore is an integrative medical practitioner and osteopath with special interests in musculoskeletal conditions, intravenous nutrients and neural therapy.
  • Dr Suzi Wigge is an Integrative GP who also practices Nutritional Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Her special interests include gut health, endocrine disorders, women's and men's health, CFS, mental health and healthy aging.

Complementary Health

  • Giselle Cooke is our Holistic Health Consultant. She is a herbal and medically trained integrative practitioner with a special interest in the microbiome, epigenetic medicine, men's and women’s health, hormones and fertility.
  • Greta Rose Thurgood is a clinical Nutritionist and Colonic Hydrotherapist, with an integrated and holistic approach to understanding and managing the gastrointestinal tract and all associated diseases.
  • Dr Hyonna Kang is a Korean Eight Constitutional Medicine practitioner, acupuncturist, and Chinese herbalist.
  • Max Visca is a Somatic Therapist, Oriental Medicine Acupuncturist and Herbalist with special interests in trauma, mental health and autoimmune diseases.
  • Zhenya Gerson is a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant, and has been working in the holistic wellness industry since 2006.

Allied Health

  • Dr. Rosalba Courtney is a highly experienced osteopath who in addition to working on pain and muscular-skeletal dysfunction is also a world leader and researcher in breathing dysfunction and breathing therapy.

Nutrition and Health Coaches

  • Naomi Lees is a Certified Functional Health Coach supporting patients with their journey back to health through active support, coaching and positive approaches to dealing with a chronic condition.
  • Phei Yap is a Nutritionist with a deep passion in supporting her patients to their most balanced and vibrant self.

Holistic Care

Our team believes that we can better care for our patients when healthcare is based on relationships, trust, collaboration and understanding. Personalised medicine views each patient as genetically and biochemically unique. We focus on nurturing the patient, not just addressing the disease. Based on conventional scientific evidence; individualised medicine understands that our health and wellbeing is connected in a complex web of relationships. Through clinical assessments, we get an understanding of your particular underlying issues and apply specific treatment and advice that assists in the body’s natural healing mechanism.

Whether you are experiencing symptoms of fatigue, stress, chronic disease, accelerated aging, recurrent infections, complex neurological or environmental illnesses, infertility, weight gain, poor sleep, depression, digestive symptoms or brain and cognition concerns; the underlying patterns of your body’s dysfunction are treated with established practices of functional, integrative, nutritional and environmental medicine.

We combine in-depth knowledge of neuroplasticity, epigenetics, microbiome and mitochondrial science to understand the pieces of your health puzzle. This may be particularly useful when you have a chronic or complex condition and want to understand how to improve function as well as take further preventive and multi-faceted approaches to optimise your health outcome.

By identifying the root causes in the mechanical, biochemical, physiological, neurological or psycho spiritual levels of your health, we create a treatment plan to help address your chronic conditions and support the improvement of your overall health.

Experience A New Kind of care

Conveniently located in Edgecliff Court (3 minutes’ walk from Edgecliff train station), our medical practice opened its doors to the community in October 2018.

Upon your visit, you’ll discover a purpose-built medical practice, designed to create a modern and healing space. The effect is one of comfort and nurture, not rushed or impersonal.

Tailored programs of care are co-ordinated by our Patient Advocates for those with chronic health conditions. We also support clients with other health concerns and those that are looking to optimise their overall performance or gut-brain health.

Book an appointment online or call us on 02 8311 2800 to find out how we can help you.

Please note that some treatments recommended at GenBiome may fall outside the scope of "conventional medical practice", as deemed by the Medical Board of Australia.

A New Kind of reimagined space and experience

Imagine walking into a welcoming, modern Living Room instead of a waiting room where you feel like a number. Imagine being greeted by a Patient Advocate instead of a receptionist. Imagine short wait times, zen-like designs, relaxing music, refreshments, iPad check-ins and more. Imagine A New Kind of healthcare.

A New Kind of powerful technology

Your journey starts at the click of a button with convenient booking online or via our Next Practice Patient App. Put your healthcare back into your hands - book and manage appointments, review prescriptions, set reminders for medication, track your health progress, view educational articles from your doctor and more... Our mission is to continually innovate to make your healthcare journey simpler and more convenient.

We believe in wellbeing and prevention, not just helping you when you get sick. Keeping you well also means:

  • Keeping you Covid safe and making Telehealth consultations available
  • Making it easy to book online or via the Next Practice Patient App
  • Keeping wait times as short as possible
  • Allowing you to fill in your details at home before your appointment for faster check-in
  • Sharing helpful articles from our Care Team direct to your phone

Giving back with NextAid

We are a humanitarian organisation at our core and we believe no person should die from a preventable disease.


What is NextAid

At Next Practice, we want to provide a bridge to those that are less fortunate than us in any way we can. That's why for every consultation at a Next Practice medical centre, we donate a vaccination to someone in need in the developing world. We call it our NextAid initiative.

Total vaccinations donated

Click to learn more about how many vaccinations we've donated as a network - https://nextpracticehealth.com...

How it works

Proceeds from each patient consultation within the Next Practice network is donated through UNICEF Australia to sponsor a vaccination against Maternal Tetanus. At the moment, our goal is to focus solely on Maternal Tetanus (MNT) vaccinations to eliminate the disease in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Why Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Elimination (MNTE)?

Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) represents a very high proportion of the total Tetanus disease. MNT is a swift and painful killer disease and extremely fatal in newborns- killing 30,848 newborns in 2017 alone.

MNT has been among the most common life-threatening consequences of unclean deliveries and umbilical cord care practices and are indicators of inequity in access to immunization and other maternal, newborn, and child health services.

Once the disease is contracted, the fatality rate can be as high as 100% without hospital care and between 10% to 60% with hospital care. The true extent of the Tetanus death toll is not known as many newborns and mothers die at home and neither the birth nor the death is reported.

This happens despite the fact that MNT deaths can be easily prevented by hygienic delivery and cord care practices, and/or by immunizing children and women with Tetanus Toxoid Containing Vaccines (TTCV), that are inexpensive and very effective, through the life course.

While progress continues to be made, 13 countries have still not reached the MNTE status, including Papa New Guinea. Activities to achieve the goal are on-going in these countries and the World Health Organisation is hopeful that many are likely to achieve MNTE in the near future.

Look out for further information on donations on our News and Articles page or in the clinic.

You can find out more information on MNTE from UNICEF here.