Click below to join the waiting area

The Telehealth waiting area will be open Monday to Saturday from 8:55am to 7pm.

Provided you have joined the Telehealth waiting area before 7pm, your telehealth consultation can take place after this time until you hang up.
The Telehealth waiting area will not be actively monitored by Patient Advocates outside of clinic operating hours.

How we contact you

Most practitioners can be seen face to face or via Telehealth (click the below button to run a test to confirm if your browser and setup are compatible). For telephone consultations, your practitioner will call you at the time of your appointment.

Payment details

For Telehealth consultations, we kindly ask you to provide your payment details when booking your appointment in order to streamline the billing process. These details will be kept securely, and debit/credit cards only debited when the payment is due.