Meet Jonathon Somers

Practice Owner


“We strive for Next Practice Prahran to set the benchmark of what Primary Care can and should be here in Australia. We want the station hotel to retain its iconic reputation in the community but now with a new purpose. ”

Jonathon Somers is an Occupational Therapist with a passion for improving patient wellbeing within the primary health care sector. He is dedicated to helping others achieve functional independence, health, wellness and occupational balance with a special interest in mental wellbeing.

Jonathon’s engaged leadership style, absolute commitment to patient-centred care and vast understanding of the medicare system makes him a leading influence in the future of healthcare. He was previously Clinical Coordinator and Manager of Emerald Medical Centre, a general practice with 10 highly experienced doctors, 7 nurses and 15 allied health where he has pioneered and implemented the innovative role of the Medical Assistant (MA). Jonathon has presented his work at national conferences and has led several local discussions on the future of general practice. He continues to lead the way as an expert in the field and is currently co-writing an article about the evolving coordinated approach to healthcare in the primary care sector.

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