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Are you concerned about your skin's health? Don't endure weeks or months of waiting for a dermatology appointment. At Next Practice Prahran, our team of dedicated GPs with special interest & experience in skin and skin cancer checks are ready to assist you promptly.

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Minimal Waiting Time

Say goodbye to lengthy wait times. We prioritize your skin health and offer swift appointments.

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Our services are not only efficient but also cost-effective, providing you with quality care without breaking the bank.


Our fully qualified doctors are equipped with the knowledge and experience to address your skin concerns effectively.

Skin Cancer Checks, Diagnosis, and Treatments

Early detection is crucial in combating skin cancer. Our comprehensive skin cancer checks are designed to identify any suspicious moles or melanomas promptly. Melanoma, if left untreated, can have severe consequences, making regular mole checks and mapping essential.

At Next Practice Prahran, we specialise in diagnosing and treating various types of skin cancer, including Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) and Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC). Our services encompass expert skin cancer checks, mole screening, and effective treatment options.

It’s recommended that every adult in Australia has a professional skin check at least once a year, and they should check their skin for changes every three months.

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Our team of dedicated doctors specialises in skin health and skin cancer detection. Meet the experts who will guide you on your journey to healthier skin:

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A skin check appointment, where your doctor will spend up to 30 minutes reviewing your skin including any moles of concern will be a similar cost to a 30 minute consultation at the clinic. Please visit our Fees page for more information. Treatment including mole removals will be quoted by your doctor depending on size, number and location.

Don't postpone your skin health any longer. Book your appointment with Next Practice Prahran today and experience professional, efficient, and cost-effective skin care.

What to expect at your Skin Check?

Before your initial skin check appointment, take a moment to examine your skin, scalp, and private areas. Make a mental note of any areas of concern that you'd like to discuss with your doctor. It's important not to wear makeup, artificial tanner, or nail polish to your appointment. This ensures that your doctor has a clear and unobstructed view of your skin.

During the skin check, your doctor will ask you to undress down to your undergarments. You'll then be positioned either lying or sitting on the examination couch. Using a specialised tool called a Dermatoscope, your doctor will closely examine your skin. This device allows for detailed examination of mole or lesion patterns. Research has demonstrated that doctors trained in Dermoscopy possess a high level of accuracy in identifying skin cancers. If there are any moles or lesions in areas not immediately visible, such as undergarments, be sure to inform your doctor so they can examine those areas as well.

Any suspicious lesions will be documented by the doctor. Subsequently, your doctor will discuss with you the type of biopsy required. This may involve a representative biopsy, where a portion of the lesion is removed for pathological examination, or complete excision, where the entire lesion is extracted for analysis. In some cases, certain moles may only require observation, which could involve the use of digital photography to monitor changes in the mole over time.

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