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A personalised, holistic, and preventive medical approach: Korean Eight Constitution Medicine *

The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease - Thomas Edison

Eight-Constitution Medicine (ECM) is originated and further developed from Traditional Korean Medicine and the effectiveness of ECM has been extensively investigated through peer-reviewed clinical research and empirical evidence based on tens of thousands of patients for more than fifty years.

Why Eight Constitution Medicine (ECM)?

People are different. We all have different abilities and preferences, and the same applies to your health and 'constitution' (or 'body type'). So knowing your constitution - for example, what food and fitness activities suit you - is the foundation to leading a healthy life.

What is Eight Constitution Medicine (ECM)?

A constitution refers to the nature of an individual's health response based on their psychosocial and physiological traits. ECM recognises constitutional differences and that not all disease is the same, presenting different trigger factors, inflammatory responses, and symptoms.

ECM employs a personalized approach to treatment, even between people with the same 'disease', prescribing individualised neuromodulatory protocols via acupuncture and dietary and lifestyle regimen, aligning with the emerging 'personalised, holistic, and preventive'medicine movement. A personalised regimen of diet and lifestyle allows patients to take control of their own health and prevent illness over the long term.

What are the Eight Constitutions?

ECM divides the population into eight groups of constitution based on the strength of organ functions and various physiological functions, including autonomic nervous function, metabolic function, and rhythmic function of heart and lungs. They are:

Hepatonia / Pulmotonia / Pacreotonia / Renotonia / Colonotonia / Cholecystonia / Gastrotonia /Vesicotonia

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