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Breathe your way to Calm Workshop - August 2024*

Saturday 24th August 2024, 2-5pm, at MITO CORE Health Suites

Breath your way to Calm Workshop with Dr. Rosalba Courtney, PHD.

This workshop is carefully crafted for individuals seeking practical tools grounded in science to enhance their mental wellbeing.

Your breath is a powerful tool for managing stress and increasing calm and resilience. It can be fast and effective. However, you may not have been getting its full benefit!

There is no one magic right way to breath that will reduce everyone's anxiety and stress and make everyone feel calmer.

Finding the techniques that will work for you depends on you getting to know more about your personal breathing style, whether you have dysfunctional breathing and how it interacts with your stress response.

What makes this workshop unique: Interactive experience, proven results and expert guidance.

Workshop fee: $150 (early bird discount: $120 for the first 10 people registered before end of June)

Space is limited to 20 participants - secure your spot by registering today via GenBiome's website "News" section, or speak to one of our Patients Advocates!