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Breathing and Mind-Body practices for self care

Join us at 3pm each Thursday and 9am each Friday (Sydney time) when Rosalba presents this 60 min practical session as part of Genbiome’s ongoing online support classes

Breathing is a portal to changing the nervous system in ways that increase our physiological resilience. Psychological stress disrupts immune regulation and makes us more prone catch colds and flues and also make recovery slower. Breathing techniques promote balanced function of the nervous system and also help us build a robust immune system. Specific breathing exercises that improve our ability to breathe nasally help us to resist infection, protect our lungs and improve the ability of our lungs to recover from illness. Rosalba is teaching some online classes where you will learn breathing and mind-body techniques to improve your breathing, stress resilience and immunity. These classes are limited to 12 people and will be an opportunity to learn and practice breathing and mind-body techniques in a supportive environment.

TUESDAYS: Improving our nasal immune defence

Breathing through your nose is important for general immunity to viruses and bacteria and for healthy lungs and airway. You nose can concentrate nitric oxide, an important chemical shown to inhibit replication of some viruses and it also activates immune defense against bacteria.

In this class you will learn techniques to increase the concentration of nitric oxide and to improve your ability to breathe nasally.

See this blog for more info and research on this subject

THURSDAYS: Dynamic Breathing Practices for Managing Stress

If you have been having difficulty when trying to meditate and relax at this stressful time you are not alone and there are good reasons for that. We are in a time of increased danger and the normal response of our body to a situation like this is to switch to fight or flight mode.

During difficult times, if we are not a highly experienced meditator or have spent time practicing relaxation techniques, it’s much harder than usual to drop into the meditation zone or find peace. However, there are ways to make it easier.

In this class you will learn breathing techniques, movement practices and mind-body practices that will help you to move into the relaxation zone.

For more breathing courses and booking information please refer to Rosalba's website