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Dr Christabelle Yeoh will be presenting in ACNEM Long Covid Training 2022

Released 28th April and Available on Demand.
Please note that this is a practitioner only event.

With Australia rapidly approaching four million COVID-19 infections, the healthcare system’s looming challenge in 2022 will move from hospital care to long COVID. Also known as post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC), between 10% and 30% of those infected do not recover fully and suffer significant ongoing disability that lasts for months and longer.

That is at least 400,000 Australian long COVID sufferers in the year ahead, many of them turning up in our clinics already.

Long COVID has remarkable similarities to post-viral myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). ACNEM practitioners have been at the forefront of helping sufferers of ME/CFS for decades, and that experience will be critical in the future healthcare and recovery of long COVID patients. That ME/CFS experience will be front and centre in the Symposium.

ACNEM is bringing together some of the best expertise from around the world for this Symposium to cover five separate areas:

  1. Definition, Diagnosis and Risk Factors
  2. Mechanisms and Pathophysiology
  3. Prevention
  4. Treatment and Management
  5. Mental Health and Social Justice

The goal is to give all healthcare practitioners the information needed to prevent, diagnose and treat those suffering long COVID, to define the research needed to enhance that care, and to ensure that the associated mental health and social justice issues are addressed directly to relieve the suffering caused by long COVID.

This is a one-day intensive primer on the condition for registered healthcare providers only, with expertise, evidence, experience and knowledge presented from around the world and across the spectrum of evidence and experience. Each presenter is limited to 15 minutes to focus on the most salient messages to practising clinicians.

Please refer to ACNEM's website for more information and ticket booking.