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Dr Jonathan Turtle taking a sabbatical leave from end of June to September this year

On sabbatical leave from 20th June till 29th September 2023.

Dear Patients

Doctor Turtle will be having an extended leave, a Sabbatical, for 3 months from 20th June till 29th September 2023. Having been working extended hours with minimal time off over many years, Dr Turtle feels it is time to practice what he preaches and to undertake some long overdue and much needed self-care with an extended break. He looks forward to returning reinvigorated and recharged and able to continue to provide high quality care to his patients.

We have tried to ensure that all patients have been able to be reviewed and have their treatment plans updated as required before mid-June in order to ensure that there will be minimal disruption to continuity of care. Some of you, however, who may not have consulted Dr Turtle for a fair while may be unaware of the break and may not yet have organised a review that would otherwise be due in the next few months. Please contact the patient advocates at reception at GenBiome to try and organise any urgent reviews if required, or for standard review in October or later.

We do ask all Dr Turtle patients to check and see if they need any scripts to be renewed that will expire before the beginning October, and if so, to request new scripts from Dr Turtle before his leave begins. Please remember though that many scripts have repeats that are kept by the pharmacists, so please check on these before making further requests.

The team at GenBiome will be able to look after Dr Turtle's patients' needs while he is away, including doing repeat scripts, or having consultations if required. If a consultation is required, please give the patient advocates a brief description of the nature of the issues to be reviewed so that they may best allocate which Doctor to review you. Dr's Richard Moore, Narelle Savage, Suzi Wigge, Marie Paek and Christabelle Yeoh are all very experienced, well qualified Integrative Doctors.

We thank you for your understanding and ask for your patience in helping us try and fulfil everyone's needs appropriately.

Warmest regards

Dr Jonathan Turtle and the team from GenBiome

Please also note Dr Jonathan Turtle's modified rebates applicable under the Medicare Benefit Scheme.