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Emotional Healing and Physical Health *

or what is Inner Space Techniques (IST)?

Hidden inside you are many factors that shape your experience of life. Your thoughts and moods, your beliefs and attitudes, memories and expectations. They colour your world and flavour your sense of yourself. They also create repeating emotional patterns in your life that are at the root of much distress and ill-health.

The Upanishads call this emotional pattern/baggage “samskara”, which is a psychological imprint or scar, caused by intensity. That scar remains part of you, conditioning your attitudes and behaviour long after the event that caused it. The more you are influenced by samskaras, the less you really have free will. Through techniques of deep emotional healing such as IST (Inner Space Techniques), deeply rooted samskaras/issues can be resolved and profound change can happen.

IST happens in the inner space, an internalised state of consciousness that is deeper than the ordinary thinking mind. The space takes you back to the samskara, the experience at the source of the current issue. It doesn’t involve any hypnosis, suggestion or visualisation. It's purpose is to improve the present.

Whenever an emotional pattern is due to a samskara, it can be changed. Resolve the samskara and then you are free. You start to see yourself in a new way. You are not just the same person with one less problem, you are more of your true self. And when you change, your world changes.

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