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Essential foundations of bowel motions

Did you know there is far more to packing a poo than fibre and hydration? Read about the factors that build the 3 foundations of stools: 1) stool bulk, 2) stool lubrication, 3) bowel wall motility

Daily bowel elimination is important for removing toxins from your body as well as maintaining a healthy digestive tract. The function of the colon is to draw water from the fecal material back into the body and pack it into a well formed stool to be eliminated from the body.

The content of faeces is mostly organismal. That is, dead bacteria cells from the intestines, not food, contrary to common belief. The bacteria eat fibre from our food and multiple to primarily create the bulk of stool .

If you are constipated or going through any type of therapeutic detoxification process, you may need to help address all three factors needed by a well-functioning colon.

1) Stool bulk
: This comes from-

  • Plant fibre

Eat at least 8 serves of a variety of vegetables each day.

A balanced intake of fibre from whole grains are important. However, discuss with your doctor which grains may suit you best since not all grains or whole grains are beneficial.

Fibre supplements such as psyllium husks and bran fibre may help but may not be appropriate if bowel lubrication or bowel wall motility are problematic areas.

  • Bacteria/Probiotics

Bacteria cells absorb fluid and allow the faecal volume to be expanded and soft. Both probiotics and prebiotics allow expansion of the bacterial population.

2) Stool lubrication: This comes from-

  • Healthy Fats

For example: Olive Oil, flaxseed oil, Ghee, grass fed butter, avocado, fish oils, sesame oil, etc.

  • Mineral salts

For example: A combination of Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Sodium Chloride forms of these salts are found in: Himalayan Sea Salt, Celtic Sea Salt and certain products e.g Progurt Chloride

  • Water

Filtered water, at least 1.5-2 litres per day depending on weather and fluid losses. Drinking more than this does not compensate for the loss of other bowel issues. As long as water is at a minimum requirement, more may not help.

  • Mucusy Foods

For example: Brinjal, okra, soaked whole flaxseeds. Low volumes of gut bacteria are a cause of dry, hard stools.

3) bowel well motility: This comes from

  • Magnesium

Magnesium helps the nervous systems with the bowel motility, particularly magnesium glycinate, magnesium citrate and magnesium chloride.

  • Movement

For example: Walking, any exercise, Yoga.

  • Breath

Good and full integrated breathing, such as abdominal breathing.Peristalsis of the intestines is neurologically controlled. Stress is a very common cause of poor bowel motility.

Colonic hydrotherapy ( is a modality that can be used to stimulate bowel motility for certain people particularly when this is difficult to optimise, despite the above factors being addressed. Speak to your practitioner ( for recommendations.