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Everyday meditation *

It's not always easy to meditate. As you'll know if you've ever tried to sit still and let your mind go blank....

...that's because the thinking mind doesn't like to go blank, it likes to think. In fact thinking is all your mind knows how to do.

The trick – or more correctly, the essence – of meditation is not to get the mind to stop, but to stabilise yourself in a different frequency of the consciousness spectrum, away from the level of non-stop mental chatter and towards silence. For meditation to work well, where you need to be is in the inner space. It's a state where feeling and being take over from thinking.

You could try relaxing, taking a nap or a meditation break and you might spontaneously find yourself there. But there is also a systematic way to access the inner space. It's a technique taught by the Clairvision School of meditation, and used by the IST practitioners at Genbiome when working with their clients.

Start each day with some precious time in the inner space. Over time you find your inner reserves of resilience steadily building. Regular meditation also puts you in touch with a foundation of inner stillness, where you find profound and subtle parts of yourself. And that becomes a background that stays with you all day.

Talk to Ruth-Helen, the IST practitioner at Genbiome, about meditating in the inner space. And check out for free Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds (MPIW), a meditation course designed to take people (including people with no meditation background) into experiences of consciousness.

* please refer to our website for the full article with well researched benefits and neuroscience of meditation.