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FX MEDICINE LIVE with Dr Christabelle Yeoh

recorded at the 2018 ACNEM Conference

This 15 minutes recording

is about the art and science of medical practice, more around education and the landscape of integrative practice.

Andrew and Dr Yeoh discussed:

Wrap up of the major lessons learned from the ACNEM 2018 conference
It's not just SIBO but we need to know; "SIMO" - small intestinal microbial overgrowth
Aging is not a disease - we want to live well, and age well
Using a conference to learn from the community of practitioners practicing in similar ways
Using validated science and researchers to emphasise the benefits of specific diet and lifestyle interventions.
Dr Yeoh's history of "Being a Maverick"
Walking the talk
Drivers of optimal mitochondrial function

For the full recording, please click HERE.