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Guide to setup the Next Practice App - A New Kind of Care

The App allows you to book and cancel/rebook your appointments until 2 business days prior.
Access your appointment history, lab results, prescribed medication, billings and
educational resources. Set reminders, track weight and blood pressure.

To access the app

1. Download the Next Practice app via the Apple or Google Play Store, or use the QR code below.

2. Choose to sign up with access code - please request this from our Patient Advocates. The code is valid for 48 hours, so if you don’t get around to setting it up in time, then please let us know and we will send you a new one.

3. You will need to enter a password (it needs to be longer than 10 characters with a high level of difficulty e.g. multiple words, special characters etc.)

4. You will be sent a SMS with a verification code, input that code when requested.

5. Then you will choose a 6 digit pin yourself for quick access (different from the above unique code and the SMS verification code).

6. You can also add the fingerprint/face ID.

7. You should be able to access the App!