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Hasmira re-joining colonic hydrotherapist / colonic irrigation team

Hasmira returning from maternity leave and resuming practice on Thursdays

"I observed the most profound changes in my patients once I started focusing on their gut health, using a multi-disciplinary approach. Next Practice GenBiome's approach to health is a whole person approach. Looking at the biochemical individuality of each patient and taking int consideration not only genetic and environmental factors, but emotional dietary and lifestyle factors. I am so excited to be a part of this dynamic and highly skilled team."

Hasmira is an integrative health practitioner trained in medical herbalism, naturopathic Colon Hydrotherapy, functional medicine (IFM) and certified in as a GAPS practitioner (gut and psychology Syndrome). She had over 10-years experience of clinical practice working in London. Her particular areas of interest are gut health and detoxification.

Hasmira uses a bespoke approach to the Colon Hydrotherapy treatments treatments stemming from years of experience and her intuition. Hasmira has a warm approach to her consultations and will empower you in making the changes necessary for you to reach and maintain optimal wellness.