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Healing with the Breath: Functional Breathing Retraining program *

This program will be offered throughout the year. Next course starting Tue 31 Jan 6pm, and pre-assessment sessions open in Nov & Dec 2022, and Jan 2023.

This program is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their breathing or gain skills to improve mental and physical functioning using the breath as the foundation for physical or psychological self-regulation.

It is also suitable for patients with dysfunctional breathing due to long COVID, autonomic dysfunction, sleep disordered breathing, asthma, COPD, anxiety, stress and panic disorder.

This is a comprehensive 8 week online program that provides a structured and individualised approach to better breathing.

It combines breath work and relaxation techniques with movement and mind body practices to address biochemical, neuromuscular and mind-body dimensions of breathing.

The program has been developed by Dr. Rosalba Courtney DO, PhD and is based on her PhD and subsequent research. Functional breathing retraining aims to:

  • Reconnect to and improve nasal breathing
  • Increase upper airway function
  • Improve efficiency of diaphragm and respiratory muscle function
  • Correct hyperventilation (regulating oxygen and carbon dioxide levels)
  • Correct hyperinflation or breath stacking
  • Relax the hyper-aroused nervous system and improve vagal tone
  • Improve efficiency of cardio respiratory interaction
  • Reduce breathlessness including feelings of insufficient or unsatisfied respiration

* For more information please refer to GenBiome's website/News: