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Healthy Breathing, Healthy Child

An Integrative Breathing Therapy program for children

Breathing, relaxation, posture and muscle function retraining for children using

  • fun exercises
  • music
  • mindfulness
  • movement and play

This program teaches children over 6 weekly sessions how to correct poor breathing habits and how to use breathing in combination with mindfulness and relaxation to manage symptoms, behaviour and stress.

The program is offered as Group classes or Private consultations.

Online course - begins Wednesday 22 Feb 2023
6 session workshops:

  • 5-6pm Wed 22 February
  • 5-6pm Wed 1 March
  • 5-6pm Wed 8 March
  • 5-6pm Wed 15 March
  • 5-6pm Wed 22 March
  • 5-6pm Wed 29 March

Join us online! During these days of COVID we have being treating children via Zoom video conferencing, and these consults have been proving to be a very effective way of working with children. So we are very keen to present the “Healthy Breathing, Healthy Child” online. This is the first time we’ll be presenting this course in this way, and we are preparing lots of support material to make it a very worthwhile and engaging way to learn and practice!

Join us for what will be a very rewarding experience for you and your child.

About breathing and children's health and development

Like good nutrition, correct breathing creates foundations for health and is fundamental for growth and learning. Poor breathing can have negative effects on many aspects of a child's health, wellbeing, mood and behaviour.

Incorrect breathing also affects the function of muscles controlling speech, swallowing and posture in ways that disrupt facial, dental and structural development.

The good news is that poor breathing and incorrect muscle function can be corrected through breathing exercises and functional retraining exercises.

The program is for children with:

  • mouth breathing, tongue thrust, abnormal swallowing
  • asthma, blocked and runny noses
  • sleep disordered breathing, snoring and/or sleep apnea
  • poor breathing patterns
  • hyperventilation
  • anxiety related breathing disorders.

The program can be adapted for children of all ages. Group sessions are suitable for most children over the age of 6.

Each child is assessed individually and if the program is not suitable, or if your child needs some other type of treatment before starting, you will be recommend to the appropriate health professional.

What does the program involve? The Healthy Breathing, Healthy Child program has been developed and refined over 25 years by Dr Courtney to draw together techniques and therapy for maximum benefit. It involves:

  • an initial assessment by Dr Courtney
  • 6 weekly therapy sessions of 1 hour, individually or in a small group
  • practice at home between sessions
  • a follow-up assessment

Parents/caregivers also attend all the sessions so that they can support their child to practice well and achieve the best results.


  • Classes: The therapy classes are one hour sessions each week for 6 weeks. The cost of the Group classes is $650.
  • Assessment: the initial assessment takes about an hour and costs $210.