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Meet Zhenya Gerson, Nutritionist, Wellness Consultant and I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Greta Rose Thurgood will be spending time overseas from 25th May and will be back on 9th August. During that period, Zhenya has kindly accepted to step in and offer to GenBiome her wealth of experience to support patients' gut health.

I am Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Consultant and an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, with Level 2 study and certification, and have been in the holistic wellness industry since 2006. I am driven to empower people to be aware of their own bodies, to live a healthy life and make conscious decisions about their own health and for their personal wellbeing.

I established my practice, Exhale, in 2013 with the goal to create a space for people to relax, be nourished and supported through whatever health issues they may be experiencing.

I am deeply passionate about helping people with their overall health, from mental health, understanding the effects of stress on the body and of course, gut health. I want to help make it easier to get through your day and to think more clearly. I have helped numerous people with a wide range of health problems from chronic digestive issues, to skin disorders and general well-being with clients reporting feeling younger, fitter, healthier and having a new zest for life.

My passion for gut health and yoga began while living in California discovering for myself what proper nutrition meant, what lifestyle choices were best for my own total health, and how to implement that into day-to-day living in this busy 21st century. I have completed study with University of Phoenix, American College of Healthcare Sciences, Advanced Yoga Certification and continued learning with experts in the field of Naturopathy and Gut Health.

At the American College of Healthcare Sciences I gained a Certification in Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Consulting and had been teaching yoga since 2006 in Australia, the United States and also the Maldives where I spent a year at the Conrad Resort as a Yoga Teacher and Spa Consultant. I no longer teach yoga today.

I have discovered that there is no “one size fits all” approach to total health. Overall total health must be a combination of the three pillars of health;

* Physical/Biological



Over the years of giving colonic treatments and health consultations I have seen the strong link first hand when working with clients and students. Balance is key for every aspect of total body and mind wellbeing.

I am passionate about treating and educating clients so they achieve greater health and vitality and I encourage clients and students to embrace total wellbeing and optimal health from the inside out.

My well-rounded background in wellness, matched with my compassion for clients, ensures each individual at Exhale is treated with respect and dignity in a friendly, caring and professional environment.

When not in a clinic doing colonics, I can be found attending a pilates class, facilitating Gut Health workshops and retreats in and around the Sutherland Shire, Cronulla and Sydney area. You can also find me spending time with my dog Dixie, at the beach, going for walks or checking out the latest restaurant openings!