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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

It is estimated that around one million Australians suffer from some degree of chemical sensitivity. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a term used to describe an array of symptoms linked to exposure to chemicals.

The use of ‘fragrances’ is used in everything from perfumes to baby products and cleaning products to air fresheners. The important thing to remember is that fragranced products contain all sorts of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and acetylaldehyde. These products have become so every day that they are everywhere and for people suffering from MCS they are hard to get away from.

At Next Practice - GenBiome we choose to be fragrance free for ourselves, our families and our patients. We ask that you respect this and do not wear perfume or scented body care products when attending the clinic.

To find out more about the use of ‘fragrances’, you can watch a video on SBS called “MCS – the condition that affects one million Australians but is dismissed by doctors,” featuring Dr Christabelle Yeoh.