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New Nutrition Consultations & Health Coaching

Ever wanted help navigating the mind field of information out there regarding your diet and what you should eat to help support your body and health conditions? Have you thought about seeing someone who can help you break down your health goals into achievable pieces and support you on your journ

Nutrition is a complementary health modality that aims to achieve optimal health through diet, nutrients and lifestyle.

Our Nutritionists have a holistic approach that aims to treat the root cause, not just the symptoms.

A Health Coach creates a supportive environment for patients to make lasting and effective change to reach their health goals. A Health Coach will help simplify, prioritise and support you in making those changes and overcome obstacles.

Nutrition consultations and health coaching sessions are now available at Next Practice - Care of GenBiome.

Chloe Lyons and Sofie Ehrlich are clinical nutritionists and Naomi Lees and Sofie are certified health coaches.