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Next Level Care for Dr Christabelle Yeoh's new patients

Next Level Care is a unique blend of functional medicine and integrative care by the GenBiome team.

This program consists of 3 medical consultations with Dr Christabelle Yeoh, and Health Coach support sessions in between the medical consultations. There is also an onboarding session, educational orientation sessions and group sessions. It represents over 16 hours of direct care and consultations extending over a period of 3 to 4 months.

The New Patient Program content:

  • One Onboarding Session: listening to your story and medical history, collecting past records and results, conduct an environmental and lifestyle assessment, set you up in our system and on your Next Practice App.
  • Two Orientation Sessions with our Health Coach to gain a general overview of the Functional approach to health and wellbeing. Learn about and action the healing process with effective lifestyle and environmental medicine interventions.
  • Three Consultations with Dr Yeoh: work out a plan to establish/confirm a diagnosis or functional approach, arrange and review necessary pathology requests, initiate and adjust a treatment plan, consider and coordinate additional therapeutic modalities, review and discuss progress and next steps.
  • Between each medical consultation Two 30 min “Keep On Track” sessions with your private health coach: Check-in, feedback and liaison. Support ongoing treatment directions and review the next phases of the treatment program.
  • Five weekly groups sessions to provide shared education and group support which offers 'community as medicine'.

Over 16 hours of direct care and consultations extending over a period of 3 to 4 months.
Personal investment time required to work on implementing the step towards a path to stronger health.
The corresponding financial investment is just above two thousands dollars, excluding pathology, supplements and treatments. No Medicare or Private Health Insurance rebates applicable.

Meet Dr Christabelle Yeoh, Integrative Medical Practitioner:

"I believe that understanding health and dysfunction requires depth of knowledge across medicine, biology, neurophysiology and pathophysiology. Knowing the context in which these systems function in an individual, that is their environment, is essential. The journey to health requires an integrated approach to addressing all these systems and so I really appreciate being part of this great team and how we can work together to understand all these components and help our patients."

To register your interest for the next intake please submit a new patient enquiry here.