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Next Level Retreat 2022 - take away

Experience is how we learn, community is how it’s shared and support is how we blossom!

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I’ve learnt I am more powerful than what I thought.

I came to the retreat to understand principles of health but now I realise that there is even more depth inside me than that.

At our recent Next Level Retreat, 22 people from our community came together to explore the heights and the depths of ‘Biohacking, body mind and spirit’. It was a packed three and a half day program crammed full of fun, laughter, surprise and new experiences as the facilitators brought participants through a range of foundational, functional and nature driven principles of serious health and wellness!

Today was like ten days packed into one.

Curated by Christabelle, the retreat team - Nathan, Helen, Nick, Ryan, Marlies and Naomi, each brought their magic and jaw dropping skills and knowledge into our group. The learning from them and inspiration shared from each other created child like excitement and heart warming smiles in us all. Every dietary wish was catered for by special chefs Chelsea and Ange creating healthy and happy bellies. Even the less wished for one fasting day went by smoothly thanks to their love and care.

Nathan taught all of us about how nature transforms energy through the mitochondria, the power of sunrises, the forces of nature that heal and the chaos created by blue light & non-native EMF. He said don’t forget, we are nature, hence our alignment to the sunlight, circadian rhythms, the magic of water (in us) and trained us through cold adaptation protocols leading to cold plunge(s) in ice-meltwater cold Lake Jindabyne!

Helen gently coaxed us into the best way to fast, how to manage the (temporary) discomfort of fasting, took a gastrointestinal tour with us and reemphasized the crucial basics of digestion and of course, creating happy poos. With not only what we put into our bodies, but why we do what we do, Helen went through how to understand our window of tolerance in relation to our daily behaviours and stress.

I was so shocked. It was so simple and I can take it away to use every day.

Nick astounded us with information that our bodies already knew, but that our minds forgot or reinterpreted with bias. Using the Oov as the ultimate tool demonstrating poetry in motion, Nick showed us how the body is perfect, a purely experiential movement based vessel that simply takes inputs and delivers outputs, allowing the brain and body to adapt to any strategy. The strategy is never wrong, but in attempt to maintain its concentric rings of power, it can move away from a flow state into various rigid forms, compensating perfectly but causing biomechanical strain thus pain. Put the body into novel situations/ positions and the brain will re-strategize.

Ryan coached us on the breath and its power to heal. Teaching with love, he asked the deep questions- through each person’s health issues and wellness journey, what is the easiest way to arrive at wellness? How can we find ‘OK-ness’ even when there is pain? If we want to arrive at wellness, coming from fear and not trusting makes it very hard. If we feel sick, wrong or broken, then we are starting with an uphill battle. How can you love yourself first, love yourself where you are? Deep compassion and full acceptance can start to come through embodiment practices which Ryan shared.

Marlies introduced participants to their etheric bodies and how to tickle, massage and activate that system bringing life force, using the 5 Tibetans, Tai Chi and Singing bowls. She taught neurohacks on emotions and brought about a very intense laughter yoga experience which had us all in tears and fits of laughter that day!

Naomi and Christabelle took participants through an exploration of their courage, with deep sharing and inspiration from each other. We understand that health is a journey of courage. It’s about celebrating the wins! We are brimming with love and gratitude that all our participants and facilitators taught and shared deeply with everyone. We know that food, nature and community is the real medicine!

Look out for the GenBiome retreat in 2023, plans are underway!

Don’t just behave kind to yourself. BE kind to yourself.

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