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Next Level Retreat 2022 - take away*

Experience is how we learn, community is how it’s shared and support is how we blossom!

At our recent Next Level Retreat, 22 people from our community came together to explore the heights and the depths of ‘Biohacking, body mind and spirit’. It was a packed three and a half day program crammed full of fun, laughter, surprise and new experiences as the facilitators brought participants through a range of foundational, functional and nature driven principles of serious health and wellness!

Curated by Christabelle, the retreat team - Nathan, Helen, Nick, Ryan, Marlies and Naomi, each brought their magic and jaw dropping skills and knowledge into our group. The learning from them and inspiration shared from each other created child like excitement and heart warming smiles in us all.

We understand that health is a journey of courage. It’s about celebrating the wins! We are brimming with love and gratitude that all our participants and facilitators taught and shared deeply with everyone. We know that food, nature and community is the real medicine!

Secure your spot for the GenBiome 2023 retreat!

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